Green Card Claims Green Card Claims

1-Accident ABROAD

Refers to Iranian Insured liability outside IR.Iran 
In case of Accident and our insured being liable, give a copy of Green Card .to police officer or claimant and advise Iran insurance company as soon as possible 
If our Insured is not liable, for compensation of his loss he should refer to Insurer's National office in country of accident ,address is endorsed in GREEN CARD .They will consult to proceed.

 2-Accidents in IR. Iran(Recovery)

  • Refers to liabilities of foreign Insured in Islamic Republic of Iran boards.
  • Claimants can take GREEN CARD and other documents and police report to Motahari branch -in Tehran or Main branches in other cities.
  • Claim office in Iran
    • IRAN INSURANCE CO. -Motahari Branch: Green card Dept.- Shaihd sarafraz.Shahid Motahari – Tehran
    • Branch Manager : Mr. .farashiani
    • Head of Green card Dept: Mrs. Roozbeh                              00982188732336