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Bimeh Iran at a Glance

Being founded in 1935, Iran Insurance Company (Bimeh Iran) is still the pioneer in insurance industry in Iran.

With market share of 40%, Bimeh Iran is the most influential insurance company amongst its competitors whose significant role in spreading the insurance culture could never be neglected.

 In addition, 43% and 37% of market share respectively belong to Engineering and Liability classes which are noticeable considering the existence of 26 other insurers in the market.


Fields of Activity

Bimeh Iran provides all types of Life and Non-Life covers. Moreover, Bimeh Iran has underwritten the risks involved in the majority of Iran's infrastructural projects, such as those in oil, natural gas, petrochemical and aviation industries, dams and power-plants. The company would naturally secure the required reinsurance coverage from the international markets for the risks it initially underwrites, at its own discretion. It is also notable that not only more than 70% of the total number of Iranian airplanes are under Bimeh Iran's insurance coverage, but also during last 10 years Bimeh Iran has insured all crude oil and oil product cargos being shipped to various destinations throughout the world.


Human Resources

Over 4200 people work for Bimeh Iran, 64% of them with higher education and 25% of them being female.


Sales Networks

With over 206 branches and 9615 agencies, spreading all over the country, as well as 9 overseas branches and agencies, Bimeh Iran is equipped with the largest sales network in Iran.


Initial Capital

At the time of its commencement, Bimeh Iran's paid up capital was IRR. 20 million which now exceeds IRR. 34,241 billion (USD 139,107,143). The company entirely belongs to the government of Islamic Republic of Iran.



In line with the Investment Regulations adopted by the country's High Council of Insurance, Bimeh Iran's technical provisions, capital and reserves are invested in various forms and means such as bank deposits, partnership bonds, stocks and shares. The renowned Abbasi Hotel located in the ancient city of Isfahan and Aban Hotel in the holly city of Mashhad belong to Saba Investment Co.  Bimeh Iran-UK Insurance Company, Bimeh Iran-Moein Insurance Co., Stock Exchange Brokers Co. and Engineering Consultancy Services Co. are among the prominent investment cases, as well. By virtue of the investments it has made in more than 62 companies inside and 26 companies outside the Stock Exchange Market as well as offering reasonable rates and conditions, Bimeh Iran has managed to secure a firm and reliable status among the top ten Iranian commercial enterprises during the past several years.


Abbasi Hotel

This internationally reputable compound possessing all qualifications of a modern hotel and the sites of one of the most charming caravansaries dates back to the Safavid era (1501-1736). This fabulous hotel-museum is entirely a property of Iran Insurance Company.


Bimeh Iran-UK Insurance Company


Bimeh Iran–UK Insurance Company with the capital of £ 23,600,000.00, 99% of which belonging to Bimeh Iran, has been located in the London since 1975.

 Vision Statement:

"Excellency in West Asia"


Mission Statement:

"To provide the society with peace of mind and confidence"



1.      Customer Orientation

2.      Commitment and Loyalty

3.      Creativity and Innovation




1.      Developing the portfolio in a balanced way (emphasizing on West Asia market, increasing the market share and risk management)

2.      Developing and optimizing investments

3.      Developing Life Insurance

4.      Developing Reinsurance (local and international)

5.      Developing Human Resource's knowledge and competence

6.      Making organization intelligent and agile based on information-technology

7.      Improving the quality of insurance services in order to increase customer satisfaction

8.      Developing insurance culture, supporting customers and improving public trust in insurance industry